Llama Badges

Llama Badges in order of llamas required (left to right)

Llama Badges are awesome. This is the order of Badge For instance if you had 10,000 Llamas then you would get a Golden Llama

Llama badges are one of the many fun badges that can be found withing the deviantART community. Deviants can send and recieve badges, you can also purchase accessories for llamas using dA Points.

Llama = 1 badges



Super Llama = 10 badges

Albino Llama = 50 badges

Super Albino Llama = 100 badges

Llama superalbino

Super Albino Llama

Ninja Llama = 500 badges

Fancy Llama = 1,000 badges

King Llama = 2,500 badges

Spartan Llama = 5,000 badges

Wizard Llama = 7,500 badges

Golden Llama = 10,000 badges