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What are points?

Points are great for rewarding a fellow deviant for a job well done, to support commissions, to buy awesome gear from the deviantART shop, to order Prints, or just to give a simple gift with love. The more Points you've got, the more you can share.

How Do I Get Points? Edit

There are a few different ways to earn points.

Firstly and the most simple is to ask for points, though not all deviants do/or will give them. Some deviant's like to share the love and randomly donate points to other deviant's. You can also add a donation pool to your page to make recieving and keeping track of your points balance.

A lot of users also offer commissions for points, whether it be drawing, literature, crafts or photography commissions. This has become quite a popular trend as most deviant's do not have access to money, it is also a lot easier and safer than sending money.

Another popular way to earn points is by making adoptables, adoptables are pre-made character designs. For someone who is not as great at drawing adoptables can be great visual help for characters and the like.

But say you are not good at drawing or writing, what can you do to earn points? well there are deviant's willing to favourite comment and watch you in return for points. This in turn gets your art more exposed and the deviant's gets points to further commission or share with others.

You can read more about Points including the Terms and Conditions here